Roof Moss Removal Services

Prevent invasive growth and structural damage with professional moss removal

The Problem With Moss on Roofs

Often found in wooded areas, moss is a soft sponge-like plant, with the ability to absorb moisture and then expand, as well as decomposing the surrounding material. Because of this moss growth can be a huge problem for homeowners.

Once moss takes hold on a roof it will grow into and around shingles, eventually pulling them apart. This will quickly lead to structural damage resulting in leaks, expensive repairs, sometimes even necessitating the replacement of the whole roof.

Removing Moss from Concrete

While moss does not do damage to concrete, it's presence can cause a nasty slip hazard. We remove moss from concrete by pressure washing to break it up and then we apply our eco-friendly moss treatment to prevent new growth. For walkways, siding and patios we scrub with our water-fed pole. 

NOTE: our 2 year Moss Removal Guarantee only applies to roofs (some conditions apply)

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Our 2 Year Moss Removal Guarantee 

We use a proven and eco-friendly two-step process for moss removal. This process comes with a 2-year moss-free warranty after completion.  

Step One:  

Using a gentle mechanical process that takes great care to preserve the integrity of your roof (we NEVER use a pressure washer to remove moss on a roof), we will eliminate any moss that has collected on the shingles of your roof. This will loosen the moss, making it easy to blow or sweep away and remove from the property. 

Step Two:

Once the larger clumps of moss have been removed by step one we deploy our unique moss treatment formula, covering the entire roof. This will take care of any remaining spores, and all that’s left is for us to make sure your property is cleaned up and free of any debris.

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All our services are available on a recurring basis for both residential and commercial buildings.

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