Our Vision

"Helping British Columbians see through their property’s panes."

Through a continued commitment to excellence and continual investment in our people, and equipment, we seek to become the leading brand name in the province by providing quality results that can be "clearly seen".

Our Mission

Our mission at Friendly Giant Window & Gutter Cleaning is to be recognized and regarded as the best window cleaning company in every major city in British Columbia.

We will accomplish this by embracing those core qualities that this company was built upon: honesty, integrity, and loyalty.

Our commitment to quality (and customers) first will help establish and maintain lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional service provided by every member of our staff, starting with our leadership and competent office staff, to the work performed by our skilled technicians in the field.

We will strive to nurture and cultivate relationships with our existing customers by maintaining excellence in our provision of services and encouraging referrals to new and potential customers through our quality services, and fair and competitive prices.

Our Commitment

We will continue to accomplish this by providing:

Our Core Values


Leaving every customer completely satisfied, and having fostered a culture of very happy employees.


Being true to our customers, our company, and our core values, and establishing our core values so they’re understood and adopted company-wide.


Acknowledging the importance and value of our customers, their time, individual and collective needs, and property. It also includes listening to and acknowledging each individual customer’s needs and requests so we can meet and exceed their needs. This can be accomplished by creating a custom job description to suit the needs of every customer. Moreover, this extends to acknowledging the needs, wants, and desires of employees, too.


Gives our customers the confidence and peace of mind that we are not only knowledgeable, but that we work to mitigate risk, and further indemnify them of any potential harm or liability. This also gives them the assurance that we will strive to reduce the potential of damage to their personal property.