Radio Ads

Our Radio Ads

We had some fun with our radio ads and had some wonderful feedback.

"Lady Angela's Summer home"

When your kingdom is under attack and financial ruin is eminent, it turns out prevention could have been the best defence...

Listen to "Lady Angela's Summer home"

"Moss Monster"

The invasion of moss can be horrific, this radio commercial could only be aired in the late evening to protect children from having nightmares...

Listen to "Moss Monster"

"The Doves"

Poop on windows is not a laughing matter when it comes to your castle. This proclamation is a summons to a Friendly Giant!

Listen to "The Doves"

"The Ducks"

When water is an unwelcome feature on the inside of your house, a Friendly Giant can tame water fowl and put things right.

Listen to "The Ducks"

"Medieval Moss"

This well-researched and well-cast commercial employed some of the best voice acting talent available in Western View Royal. Poetry with an accent. 

Listen to "Medieval Moss"


This is another coup for our company to obtain the exclusive voice acting rights of Olivia, our ten year old neighbour. She loves our trucks.

Listen to "Anniversary"

"Field Tech"

Come and work with us. Outdoor work, a pretty truck and the right tools for the job, who could ask for more?

Listen to "Field Tech"